After carefully reviewing all the entries several times I have made my decision BUT that won’t really help in predicting who will win. Although this is the world’s PREMIER song writing contest, there are a few peculiarities within the voting system that make it difficult for the best song to win.

Firstly, there are many, many people who still think the Eurovision is a “Boom Bang-a-Bang” type affair and will pick the song that has some chintzy novelty to it (ISRAEL). Then there are the countries that block vote for each other (Greece / Cyprus, Russia / Belarus, Serbia / Croatia, Sweden / Norway) usually because they are neighbours or ending hostilities but in the case Turkey / Germany more to do with the massive Turkish population in Germany. Then there are the countries like France and Britain or, strangely, Ireland and Britain who hate each other. Also, there are the smaller countries like San Marino and Malta who will be coming near the bottom, again, not because of voting but more to do with lack of promotion and song-writing credentials.

Taking these into consideration, you can arrive at a prediction with some manipulation of the votes. The UK could win again one day if we split into Wales, Scotland, N.Ireland and awarded each other top marks, and perhaps reviewed our Foreign Policy. The voting system has been altered slightly for this year, adding some weight to the top ranked song by group of judges and taking out the outlier judgements, similar to the marking in Olympic figure skating, and also the results will be announced in 2 stages, jury then popular. This means the winner won’t be known until the last moment.

My picks? Top: FYR Macedonia, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden. Bottom: Iceland, San Marino, Denmark. Winner: Israel or Belarus.

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