How to install Sage Payroll in a network environment

The instructions listed below are for advanced/intermediate Sage Payroll users only. The author will not be responsible for any loss of business data or loss of any business. Please email us if you have any question.

Step 1: Create an area in the server where new company files will be saved. This folder should have write access by all client PCs and should be mapped into all client PCs (workstations) using same letter.

Step 2: Edit Paydata.txt file in the computer where Sage Payroll is currently installed at C:\Program Files\Sage Payroll. Edit the file to point the folder in the new server.

Step 3: Now copy Paydata.txt, Pay.usr, and Payroll.usr files from this PC to all new workstations on C:\Program Files\Sage Payroll.

Now all company data can be accessed from all workstations. All data are being stored on the server. You do not need to install Sage Payroll on the server.