You know those idiots who release customer details all over the web and take ages to make an apology after they’re found out? Well, a new Data Protection standard is coming into force 25 May 2018 in the EU called General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). It is primarily aimed at large corporations who process sensitive customer data and it lays down rules for storing, accessing and maintaining that data.

For small businesses, say below 250 employees, the rules probably won’t apply to a large degree but you should be aware so that you don’t fall foul in any way, after all there are HUGE fines for miscreants. It covers data you process for your customers, suppliers and employees.

BREXIT won’t be an antidote as the UK has already agreed to the rules and also if any country does business with the EU, say the US, they also have to “self-certify” that they are following the regs.