Channel 4’s How To Lose Weight Well saw four people put through separate diets to see how effective they were and, sadly, 2 of the participants were put on crash diets.

Q. They both lost weight so what’s the problem? A. If you restrict calories in a short period of time your body slows down your metabolism in an effort to “hold on” to resources. But it gets worse, as soon as you eat again your body packs on the pounds, often increasing your weight to MORE than it was originally.

This is why America’s Biggest Loser is such a terrible tragedy, consigning almost all of it’s contestants to a life of weight struggle. Even small portions of food are effectively worth more calories than ever before. Series winner Ryan said “before I wake up it’s like I’ve already had 2 cheese quarter pounders”.

Only ONE of the diets featured passed long-term muster; the low carb, moderate protein, high fat Banting Diet, which of course is very similar to how our ancestors in the northern or southern hemisphere would have eaten during winter, to get your body through the tough times (without feeling hungry) until summer comes round again with it’s carb bounty.

Dr. Zander signed off with another absolute fallacy… “I need to exercise more and eat less”… WRONG! Losing weight is all about hormones, not calories, and, as if to prove my point, the Banting Diet contestant, Jake, lost by far the most… 4st 10lbs!