1. The best way to save a bit of extra money for a rainy day has to be the Moneybox app from Digital Moneybox Limited. You link it to your bank account and it rounds up any purchases to the nearest pound and collects the total on a weekly basis. You hardly know this spare change has gone and you can withdraw it at any time (minus a delay). The money is actually invested in the stock exchange so it will grow as well, tax free if you choose the ISA account option. This is a great way to get kids to save and teaches them something about investing. There are some boosters available if you want to save more, like double round-ups or the pay day booster, and there is a “time machine” to see what happens to your money over time based on your investment. 

  2. Another great way to save money every month is DON’T SIGN UP FOR ANOTHER MOBILE PHONE CONTRACT! Go Giffgaff. In fact you should keep your existing phone and put the savings into Moneybox.