I have been recommending to my customers that they move to the gmail platform to host their email, you keep your own domain (you don’t have to be @gmail.com) but you benefit from their unbelievably good antivirus and antispam controls. It’s £3.30 per month per user so a bit more than brightnet, but you get 30GB of space per user, which is much more than I offer. You also get a calendar, you can share each other’s calendars too, and the gmail mobile app makes things easy for mobiles and iPads.

Eventually, I am planning to move all my customers off the brightnet server which is getting more and more spam, so let me know if this sounds sensible for you. I have migrated around 8 of my customers so far and all have said it’s much better.

p.s. Aliased accounts are FREE, so you can reduce your costs by creating aliases that forward to personal email acounts, or by eliminating mailboxes that are seldom used.