I was forced to re-setup from scratch an MDaemon mail server on Windows 2012, without access to the old server (thanks – you are really shit, seriously guys, doing a live migration without a backup? Thanks, 3 days down the toilet) and so I couldn’t perform a final backup or remove the license and services.

No matter, I restored from backup to a new server and then installed MDaemon over the top. A few things needed doing post installation:-

  1. Install Service (button in Preferences)
  2. Edit the mdaemon.ini ([Service] StartedAsService=Yes)
  3. Pin the Mdaemon Start program to the Taskbar
  4. Modify DNS entries to point mail record to new IP address (also MX entries if not using a spam filter service, but I do so just had to update mailhost record on
  5. In Domain Manager, Hostname & IP needed to be modified to the new IP address
  6. Open up the Firewall and allow 25, 465, 587, 110, 143, 993, 995 through

The license seems to have been copied over ok from the old server so no issues there. All the user’s emails came down with the backup and I flushed the Spamhero queues to get any stored-up email across. I had to “up” the limit on my secondary ISP STMP server, for some reason it kept saying the limit of 50 emails per hour had been reached.