I am the developer of Fuzion Database which is a very special MS Access database that gives the user a “Save Changes” dialog box upon exiting a form. This is different from every other Access database that saves changes as soon as you move to a new record or subform, which is WRONG. Yes, I’m  saying every other Access database ever written is wrong. How do I know I’m right? Well, the company that I wrote Fuzion for used to use a database product called DATAEASE, and that worked in the proper way. The only problem with Dataease is that it was land-locked, i.e. you couldn’t access it via ODBC or XML etc, so I had to rewrite the database in a popular Microsoft technology.

The “Save Changes” feature had to be implemented using temporary tables and a special (but incredibly easy) locking mechanism, but this had the dual-effect of making the database naturally networkable and multi-user capable.