Windows 7 Installation Error 0x80300001 with Sil RAID Drivers

It took me a few hours and I finally got it working with a big “DOH”. Here’s how I got around it.

– Start Windows setup
– When you get to the page to select a drive/partition to install you will need to load the Raid drivers
– Insert your Driver disc for your controller/motherboard
– Click Load Driver
– Find the correct driver on the disc and select this
– Click Next
– You should now see a list of available drives, but the error: “Windows cannot be installed to this disk (Show details)”
- Re-insert the Windows 7 DVD back into the drive
– The is the critical part……   Click Refresh

After clicking Refresh, the error should be gone and you should now be able to install on one of your partitions.  At least that’s how I got it working.  It took me about two dozen attempts to figure this out.