Who do you trust? A million years of evolution or Cosmopolitan Magazine? Sunscreen blocks UV-B (5% of the sun rays), which is known to increase the risk of skin cancer (sqamous and basal cell – relatively easy to treat), it does not block UV-A (95% of the sun’s rays), thought to be the primary driver of melanoma (deadly).

So, by putting on sunscreen (even “spectrum” products) you are blocking UV-B which is the body’s safety net when it comes to sun exposure (UV-B creates vitamin D, repairs UV-A damage, promotes tanning). It’s a bit like driving a car without a seat-belt. With sunscreen you are fooling your body into being out in the sun for longer without any benefits and increasing your chance of cancer.

So the rule is, take around half an hour of sun per day without sunscreen, giving yourself 10,000 units of Vitamin D, more if you are darker skinned or have built up a tolerance. Outdoor workers NEVER get melanoma. And DON’T get sunburned. Sunburn is nature’s way of telling you to get out of the sun. Did you really think Ambre Solaire was concerned with your health?

Armed with this information, read this article again: If you want to hear the facts and figures take a look here:-