If you are planning to move email from a POP3/IMAP hosted system to Google’s GSuite platform, first of all “congrats” because there really is nothing sweeter. The ease of use, the spam filter, the trouble-free operation and the connector for Outlook is simply a joy, especially if your livelihood is supporting email.

There are a few frustrations however. I was unable to migrate the old email using the Outlook “profile” option, instead I had to choose the pst file manually otherwise it just crashed everytime. The good thing is that you can perform the migrate more than once by selecting “migrate only new data” so that you can capture all emails even if it took a few days to prepare.

In performing this kind of migration it was not only 100% successful but it stored the migrated mail in a separate folder on the gmail account, at which point it is easy to drag and drop within Outlook on the GSuite profile to wherever you want it. I would suggest never bothering with the profile migrate, plus it tries to migrate everything in your profile, including other accounts you have set up.

Once all the mail has been transferred over, you can swing the DNS and then password protect the old mail accounts, probably not a good idea to delete them just yet. Don’t forget to hide “All Mail” from IMAP folders in the Gmail settings, otherwise you get 2 lots of email in Outlook.