Sounds like I’ve just randomly thrown together some IT words to look cool but no, if you have a PC, a WiFi router and a Brother WiFi MFC printer/scanner then at some point you will lose access to the printing and / or scanning because the whole “WiFi printer” system is a pile of shite and it will do it’s damnedest to make you look like a fricking monkey brains in front of your clients.

The best thing you can do (apart from torch the thing) is to wire it up with Ethernet cabling, but what if you can’t access the router because it’s in a different room and you can’t run a cable? No problem, just create a small Ethernet network with a Ethernet switch and configure a Network Bridge in Network and Sharing Center. This will allow you to WIFi to the router from the bridge PC, but also have Ethernet connected between all the devices in that room. The bridge PC has to be on for the other PCs to connect out.