My Big Apple iPhone 3GS Adventure

So, I did a stupid thing…I bought a second hand iPhone 3GS on eBay. What a pillock, as of course everybody knows  eBay is a by-word for “get rid of your useless crap on here, no doubt some pillock will buy it”. But before I sell the iPhone on to some other poor unsuspecting sap, I thought I would turn my hand to iPhone repair. I found out about Jailbreaking first. Jailbreaking seems to be some awful software that allows you to soft-unlock a phone and install unofficial apps. Yes, my phone was indeed jailbroken, which wasn’t mentioned on the eBay advert. So I first set about un-jailbreaking it. After a few hours of fiddling about with Redsn0w, sn0wbreeze, DFU mode, Pwned DFU mode and Recovery Mode, I finally put the phone back to factory condition, only now it would not accept my T-Mobile sim. I bought a £1 o2 sim from Argos and bingo…it worked. So the phone had indeed been soft-unlocked by the previous owner and the original carrier was obviously o2. For £15 English pounds only, I have just ordered my phone to be factory-unlocked from o2.

Now on to the battery. The battery life is terrible…maybe 2 hours. So I ordered a replacement battery for £5 off some awful website. After thoroughly digesting various YouTube videos on replacing iPhone batteries I successfully replaced the battery, only to find that it now didn’t charge at all. Casting about for some answers, I discovered that I needed a particular APN number on the battery, and needed to avoid certain other APN numbers. Checking with my original battery and the replacement, I found both were the wrong sort. So, the previous owner must have also tried to replace the battery, but had used the wrong one. There are some right twats out there. New battery is arriving Tuesday…watch this space.