Vodafone Blackberry and POP3 Email – Error

You may receive an error when setting up POP3/IMAP email on a new Blackberry on Vodafone UK, something like:-

“Cannot connect to email server or invalid server name: Please verify the server name. If the error persists contact .”

I asked my ISP to whitelist the Blackberry IP address ranges, e.g., … and we got it all working. However, it looks like it  is not a whitelisting issue, as indicated in their response:-

“We don’t whitelist IP’s within our Firewall, the problem stems from the poor system Blackberry use to automate the email account setup on their devices. I have flushed the current blocks which should allow the setup to complete.”

That said, it is all working now so I guess they know what they are doing, although I am not entirely sure what “flushing current blocks” is exactly.