Everybody who knows me knows that I am a big fan of Gmail. Why is it soooo good? Well, many years ago I used to spend the majority of my time dealing with email issues – usually related to Outlook or Outlook Express. Sometimes, it can still feel like that but thank goodness I’ve managed to get many, many clients over to Gmail, either as:

1.) a free personal account that fetches and sends their normal email,

2.) as their main account, phasing out their old account, or

3.) using their company domain-name, but hosted by Gmail

Now, only about half my time is spent dealing with email issues, still usually related to Outlook. Gmail filters out spam and viruses and being web-based you can’t really have a send/receive error. If you want to use Gmail as per option 1 then you need to forward all your email to your Gmail account and then set Gmail to send as your normal email.

Also, once you’ve done this you can set Gmail up on any PC, laptop, phone or tablet in 5 seconds!


You: “But I don’t really like the look of it” – Me: “GET OVER IT!”