Here is a list of services which you can disable in order to speed up windows:-

Application Experience (manual/disabled)

BitLocker Drive Encryption Service (disabled)

Bluetooth Support Service [Your choice]
Certificate Propagation (disabled)

Computer Browser (If you are not on a network)
Desktop Window Manager Session Manager (manual/disabled) [to disable aero effects]

Diagnostic Policy Service (manual)

Distributed Link Tracking Client (manual)

Encrypting File System (disabled)

Fax (manual)

HomeGroup Listener(definitely disabled)

HomeGroup Provider (definitely disabled)

IP Helper (disabled)

Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service (disabled)

Netlogon (manual)

Network Access Protection Agent (disabled)

Offline Files (disabled)

Parental Controls (manual)
Portable Device Enumerator Service (disabled)

Print Spooler (manual/disabled)
Protected Storage (disabled)
Remote Desktop Configuration (disabled)

Remote Desktop Configuration (manual)

Remote Desktop Services (manual)

Remote Desktop Services (manual)

Remote Registry (disabled)

Routing and Remote Access Service (disabled)

Secondary Logon (manual)

Security Center (disabled) [It’s also your choice]

Server (disabled) [If you are not on a network]

Smart Card (disabled)

Smart Card Removal Policy (disabled)

SSDP Discovery [depends if you want to]

Tablet PC Input Service

TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper (disabled)

Themes (To get better appearance) (manual/disabled)

Windows Connect Now: [Connect to Wireless Networks. If you are on a desktop computer, you can disable this service]

Windows Defender (disabled) [If you have no antivirus]

Windows Error Reporting Service (disabled)

Windows Firewall (disabled) [Only if you have no firewall/internet security]

Windows Media Center Receiver Service (manual)

Windows Media Center Scheduler Service (manual)

Windows Media Center Service Launcher (disabled)

Windows Time [depends on you if you want it disabled or not]

Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service (manual)

Windows Search [fucking useless]