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CryptoPrevent Anti-Malware

CryptoPrevent is a robust anti-virus/anti-malware software supplement, filling a huge gap that exists with traditional security solutions to provide protection against a growing multitude of new and emerging ransomware and other malicious software threats.

Introduction to CryptoPrevent Anti-Malware

YES, this is the original CryptoLocker prevention tool you’ve read about, designed to prevent infection from the first “ransomware” threat which emerged in late 2013, encrypting valuable data on the infected PC and offering decryption in exchange for large payment.  Within a few months of CryptoPrevent’s initial release its reputation for effectiveness had created quite a buzz with features from Brian Krebs security blog (among many others) and by educators everywhere such as Ken Dwight ‘The Virus Doctor’, the infamous Britec09 on Youtube, and ultimately reaching televised news such as CNBC and The Today Show!  Read more about the history of CryptoPrevent.

Today CryptoPrevent has evolved into a robust anti-malware supplement to combat all forms of malicious software!