Autophagy (Orr-toff-agee) is a process in all of us whereby the body collects “debris” left over from cellular death (apoptosis) and various chemical reactions, and recycles the material or dumps it to waste.

It is known that the older you get the less efficient it becomes, especially if you are overweight and it’s really easy to see why. Your body turns on autophagy in order to reclaim materials it can re-use but it only really goes into hyper mode in times of famine or fasting, it seems humans are not meant to be full all the time.

Fasting could mean not eating from 8pm on one day until 11am on the next, i. e. skipping breakfast altogether. Unfortunately, with a supermarket on every corner, we never get to that stage and so inevitably we run the risk of not clearing up the debris as it builds up inside.

Diseases of autophagy inefficiency might include; alzheimers, other forms of dementia, inflammation, infections, cancer, neurodegeneration, aging and heart disease.

Consumers of high sugar/starch diets may require 2 weeks of fasting to enter autophagy, ketogenic or low starch diets may only require 2 days, keto and low starch being our natural “winter” diet, which we would have experienced every year in our distant past.