Cloning a WordPress Site

Since I couldn’t get any proper information on this from anyone, I sat down and worked it out for myself. Most of the tutorials and help on this require masses of steps or lots of configuration, but my method is a lot simpler. If you have paid for plugins or themes, then this method will be best for you because you won’t have to purchase things again.

  1. First install UPDRAFT (or UPDRAFT PLUS) on the source and target sites from the WordPress Dashboard (yes, this means you have to prepare the target site with a basic one entry blog first).
  2. From the source site, do an Updraft backup and download the 5 backup files that Updraft offers you; Database, Plugins, Themes, Uploads, Others.
  3. On the target site, make ONE backup with Updraft. Make a note of the folder they are in. You will need to overwrite these 5 backup files with your source backup files, but keeping the names.
  4. Copy the source backup files to the updraft folder as above, renaming them so they fool Updraft into thinking they are the same files.
  5. Now do an Updraft Restore.
  6. You now have to ACTIVATE all the various plugins that have been restored.
  7. ACTIVATE the theme you are using on the source.