Any dietary advice you are given that references calories in/calories out as a weight loss method should be immediately ignored because the data supporting this theory is from just ONE study involving 12 PEOPLE. Coca Cola and many other food producers base their entire culture on recommending that you can enjoy their products as long as you watch your calories in/calories out, usually their adverts contain sporty scenarios showing how fit people can chug away on sugary drinks and snacks with impunity.

But, we already know from shows like America’s Biggest Loser all the sad, tragic tales of contestants putting the weight back on in the following weeks because this idea is basically wrong. Hormones play a much bigger part in weight gain/loss than calorie counting, which is why puberty (i.e. hormones) adds so much fat and muscle to kids growing up, why gastric bypasses work, why insulin (a hormone) resistance is such a massive problem worldwide, why there are 1.5 billion overweight people in the world eating the recommended high carbohydrate diet.