Email: Using Gmail with a POP3/IMAP account

Some people noted that the setup was a bit complicated on the preceding blog post, so I thought I would explain how a simplied version of the situation could be configured by just using a free Gmail account as an IMAP store in conjunction with a POP3/IMAP account with your own domain name.

The trick here is to use your POP account email address but setup everything else as per your Gmail account:-


Including the outgoing server. It definitely works better with Outlook 2003 if you set Log on using:-


Remember to set SSL on and the correct ports:-


Then set up forwarding in your POP3/IMAP account:-


You can do the same forwarding in


Complete the Send Mail As feature in Gmail, making your POP3 account the default:-


Note: Sometimes there’s a strange problem:-


You sometimes get this in Outlook 2003 if you don’t use the actual Gmail address in your Email Address field (see first pic).

What about Sent Items? Do I have to say where to store them when prompted in Outlook 2007 an 2010? No, just save them locally. Because you are sending via Gmail, they will automatically be saved in the cloud Sent folder in your Gmail account.